Active | Approachable | Considerate | Coordinated | Energetic | Initiator

My name is Ingeborg Sophie Toornstra. I am a Fashion & Management graduate from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
I am…

… a fashion enthusiast, strong in communication and planning.
… open-minded, great trouble shooter and a fast learner.
… very passionate about fashion, friends, art and languages.

During my studies at the AMFI I have broadened my knowledge with the minor Fashion & denim, followed by an internship at the menswear denim development department of Tommy Hilfiger. In my fourth year I have fulfilled the role of General manager at iNDiViDUALS during the first semester, after which I graduated with a marketing and communication plan (focussed on the Dutch market) for Swedish clothing brand Filippa K.

According to the Belbin team roles test I can be best described as  a Implementer (20%), but also score high at the roles of Completer Finisher (17,1%), Co-ordinator (15,7%) and Teamworker (14,3%). As the test results suggest I am not extremely outspoken in a particular role, and therefore I can easily adjust to an existing group and take the time to mind my place and role within a specific group.
Find the complete test results here.

I have graduated AMFI July 2016.
References from previous employers are available upon request.


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