For my graduation I researched what it would take to make Scandinavian brands work in the Dutch market by using marketing and communication strategies and understanding the customer perception.

After performing the research I was able to find out what Scandinavian brands should do to be successful in the Dutch market. I applied this knowledge in a marcom plan for the Swedish brand Filippa K, focussed on the Dutch market.



From the end of august 2015 until jan 31st of 2016 I have fulfilled the role of General Manager at the student label iNDiViDUALS

iNDiViDUALS is a Dutch womenswear brand managed by third and fourth year AMFI-students, allowing them to experience the demands of the fashion industry while offering them a platform for fashion creativity. iNDiViDUALS is an initiative of AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

My tasks:
to keep overview of all that was happening within the company. Making sure communication between the three departments (design, branding and management) went smoothly and acting as spokesperson towards coaches and other consultants/teachers on behalf of the company. Additionally I was in charge of the planning for the semester, making sure deadlines were met, chairing twice-weekly company wide meetings, chairing twice-weekly meetings within the management team regarding sales, production, finance and sourcing & buying, and basically overall trouble shooting and motivating where needed. Plus I was responsible for developing ideas regarding the the overal commercial strategy of the brand. Next to that I was, just like any other in the management team, together with a designer responsible for the development of patterns in CAD/CAM and making these production ready for the sales collection.


From feb 1st, 2015 up until the 31st of July I have done an internship at the denim development department of the Tommy Hilfiger menswear devision.
I got the opportunity to learn a lot about product development, the communication with buying offices and factories, quality control, product administration and how to fill in a collection according to a range plan.
For me this has been a very valuable experience, especially since I’ve had the chance to develop my own denim of the sales collection for S/S 16, which ended up third place in the best selling list of the collection.

My tasks: Daily assistance of the developer and product group manager, measuring and quality control of the (pre-production) samples, communication with the buying office and suppliers, assistance during meetings, assisting in product administration during the sampling and production phases, assisting design during the proto selection phase, developing different archiving systems and creating an own denim for the spring ’16 sales collection.


During the first semester of my third year at AMFI I followed the minor fashion and denim. The goal of this minor was to set up a line extension or sub-brand for an existing denim brand. Together with my project group we created the sub-brand KAMEYO for the Amsterdam based denim brand Kings of Indigo.

We wanted to create a sub-brand for women for this overall masculine brand, to prove that denim can in fact be feminine as well. To realize this sub-brand we have drafted a concept including brand language, designed a collection, created the range plan and brand communication tools and made the technical packs needed to have out denims sampled at a factory in Turkey.

By the end of the minor we got the opportunity to present the concept and all the products for the owner of K.O.I., Tony Tonnaer, who was very enthusiastic about our translation and interpretation of the K.O.I. values.

The visual range plan & Koi positioning pyramid  give insight in the collection we’ve designed for KAMEYO and how we’d position the sub-brand in relation with the existing KOI brand. Check the BRANDBOOK and COLLECTIONBOOK for further insight into the brand.

My tasks: Keeping overview of the overall planning, developing technical packs for sampling in Turkey, developing graphic identity and the brand book and collection book, composing the range plan and calculating cost prices and margins.